Basic information

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are primitive multipotent cells with the potential to self-renew, differentiate and create all types of cells that form the human organism e.g. nerves, bone, muscle, blood tissue. Cord blood also contains hematopoietic stem cells which have the potential to differentiate into:

  • Red blood cells: responsible for carrying oxygen to all body cells
  • White blood cells: involved in combating infection
  • Blood platelets: enhance the coagulation process

What are stem cell applications?

What is umbilical cord blood?

Can the cord blood derived from one of my children be used by his/her sibling or other family member?

Do stem cells derived from the umbilical cord vary from other types of stem cells?

Why is cord blood (and not bone marrow) the object of growing interest among medical doctors and researchers?

What are the perspectives associated with stem cell transplantation?

How can I be sure that my blood sample was not mistaken for a different one?

What are the legal basis regulating cord blood bank activity?

If the blood sample ever becomes indispensable to my family how can I retrieve it?

Information for collecting and storing

What is Graft versus Host Disease?

What does a HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigens) match mean?

How long has cord blood been harvested?

When is the exact moment for cord blood collection?

How is cord blood harvested?

How long can stem cells be stored for?

What are the differences and similarities between public and family blood banking services?

What type of conditions can be treated with stem cells?

Additional information

Is the blood collection hazardous to either the health of the child or mother?

Is the hospital obliged to provide any blood collection equipment?

Does a Caesarean section affect the blood collection procedure?

What are the banking options for cord blood?

Why do families decide to collect and store their children’s cord blood?

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