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We bank 2 types of tissues:

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When deciding on umbilical cord blood collection, it is imperative to choose a bank which will guarantee the optimal level of service quality.   It provides our customers, who have entrusted their child’s precious blood samples, with the opportunity to forward the stored blood to the leading transplantation centers worldwide.

Mission and vision

  • Our primary goal is to acquire and store stem cells from umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord. Our mission is to ensure that the stem cells obtained can be used to save your child's life and health or, if there is sufficient genetic compatibility, other family members. The continuous implementation of this goal is confirmed by extensive, documented experience in transferring stem cells for transplantation. At every stage of our activity, we try to meet the highest technological and ethical standards to give our clients a sense of confidence that they have chosen a Partner whom they can trust for years. At Stemlab we believe that being a responsible company is right not only for the development of our business, but above all for parents who trusted us. 
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