Who we are

FamiCord is an international group of cord blood banks founded by Polski Bank Komórek Macierzystych. We are the second biggest stem cell bank in Europe in terms of the amount of stored units.

The Polish Stem Cell Bank (PBKM) adopted an international expansion strategy. Within its framework it initiated business negotiations with cord blood banks across Europe. These talks resulted in capital investments outside of Poland. At the break of 2006/2007, PBKM became one of the shareholders of the Romanian company Biogenis – the second largest cord blood banking facility in Romania. The next stage of the international expansion was the takeover of Latvian company ‘Activison’ in 2007. The same year, PBKM embarked on their expansion onto the Western European markets – such as the Spanish market. The launch consisted in taking over shares in VidaCord from Madrid and becoming the majority shareholder of Sevibe from Barcelona. The following year saw PBKM take over the second largest cord blood bank in Hungary – Krio Intézet. Through its affiliate partner network our services are now provided also in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina.

In 2009, FamiCord Italia, a company registered in Milan and operating on the Italian market was set up. Within the international cooperation framework we have signed partner agreements specifying the cooperation with specialist laboratories in Germany (Leipzig) and the United States (New Jersey). Under the terms of this agreement FamiCord clients from different countries have the opportunity to benefit from the service offered by these laboratories. Currently, FamiCord ranks as the second largest cord blood bank in Europe in terms of the volume of the stored blood units. In 2013, FamiCord Group expanded its activity to another country.- the oldest bank in Turkey, Yasam Bankasi from Ankara. In 2015, FamiCord AG in Switzerland was established, as well as the Institute of Stem Cells Therapies, which aims to introduce therapies using mesenchymal stem cells. In 2018, Biocell Lugano became part of the group, having a laboratory in Switzerland. Crioestaminal, a leading stem cell bank in Portugal, joined the FamiCord family at the end of 2018.

FamiCord® Group facts and figures:

  • over 215 000 cord blood&tissues units stored to date
  • 59 cord blood transplantations (26 in Poland, 4 in Hungary, 15 in Turkey, 1 in Jordan, 10 in USA, 2 in Spain, 1 in Portugal)
  • 7 laboratory facilities: Poland (3), Hungary, Romania, Spain, Turkey
  • Over 2100 patients treated with mesenchymal stem cells
  • Cooperation with over 1100 hospitals around Europe

Currently negotiations are underway with other companies, both national and international, concerning the integration of family cord blood banks under one brand FamiCord. FamiCord proves that our approach to the concept of family cord blood banking is serious and that the blood deposits are stored in a major, secure bank of international reputation.

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